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When to schedule your newborn session? Let me answer some questions you might have!

When to schedule your newborn session? Let me answer some questions you might have!

Some questions you might have …

When to schedule your newborn session?

The best time for creating newborn portraits is within the first 5 – 14 days of baby’s life. Your due date is used as a tentative day to reserve your spot. As soon as your baby arrives, we will schedule the actual session date within the first two weeks.

My baby is older then 14 days. Can I still schedule a newborn session? 

Yes, of course! Your baby may not be as sleepy and naturally curled up for those adorable poses but we can still create beautiful images to remember this special time and the beginning of your family.

Where does the newborn session take place?

The session takes place in my home studio in Saskatoon, Lakeview  where you will have access to my amazing collection of vintage props, custom backgrounds and hand knitted cute outfits .

How long does the session last?

A typical newborn session lasts 1,5h (mini session)  2,5- 3  hours (family session) , depending on the baby and the style of photos you wish to create.

When do we get to see the photos from our session?

 1 week after your session, I will email you a link to your private online gallery where you will be able to choose from. Finally edited pictures will be ready in 2 weeks .

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

First of all I want to say that of all the babies I have photographed I would say there was only 1 baby who truly didn't sleep. The rest of the babies I have photographed have slept for at least a portion of their session. There are things we can do to encourage a sleepy session but if your baby doesn't sleep? We will capture his or her different expressions and wrap them up! Best of all, grandmas always seem to want to see those beautiful eyes anyway!