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Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

There are a few different things that you can look into before booking to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your family!

1. Check to see previous sessions and ask to see complete galleries. This will give you a good idea on what you could expect to receive for yourself.

2. Find out how long they've been specializing in newborn photography, not just photography in general. This can give you a good idea on the experience they have handling newborns during sessions.

4. Find out if they carry liability insurance and charge tax.

Why? Because if they don't, they aren't running a legitimate business. Support those that are running legal and legitimate businesses Because they will take extra care at making sure you are looked after.

4. Find out their pricing, if it's lower then average for a newborn session in your area , you need to ask yourself why?

Posed Newborn Photography businesses are a HUGELY EXPENSIVE business to run.

If they are not charging at least $ 700+ for a newborn session in the province of Saskatchewan , they are most likely not running their businesses legally, or they are brand new OR they are uneducated!

You might say; But $ 700+ for a newborn session? Seriously? YES. It's an investment for sure!

And it should be!! We are talking about your NEWBORN BABY! Don't you want the best of the best handling your precious newborn?

Hope these details help you in your search for a newborn photographer!